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Support UCA

UCA is a private, not-for-profit Christian school.  We operate on tuition payments and donations.  There are lots of ways to support UCA.  Call the school at 615-446-0322 if you have questions about any of the following programs.


Kroger Community Rewards -  Kroger donates a portion of your purchases to the school if you swipe your Kroger card and have it registered to support UCA.  Register your card at www.kroger.com/communityrewards.  Our code is 89685.


Amazon Smiles - Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase to UCA if you shop through https://smile.amazon.com/ and choose UCA as your organization to support.


Box Tops - General Mills and other products have Box Tops that are worth 10 cents each to the school.  Clip them out, count them and send them in a plastic baggie on Box Top Store day (usually the last Wednesday of the month).  They have expiration dates on them, so make sure they are not expired!  Find participating products at http://www.boxtops4education.com/ 


Paper Recycling - There is a green recycling bin at the back of our property.  If you drive between the pre-school playground and the portable buildings, you will see it.  You can put junk mail, magazines, & office paper in there.  Please do not put cardboard in there.  That is a separate recycling process that we do not have here.


Office Depot - When you make a purchase at Office Depot, you can tell them you would like to support United Christian Academy.  There is no card or code needed.


Fall Fundraiser -  The students sell Christian products from a catalog.  The wrapping paper and personalized Christmas cards are very popular.  The school gets to keep 50% of the sales from this fundraiser. 


Serve-a-Thon -  We have been doing a spring Serve-a-Thon at UCA for years.  This is a fundraiser for the school where the students send out letters to friends and family asking for donations to the school.  It is 100% tax deductible, and the school keeps it all!  The students also pick a charity to support each year.  They bring in items that the agency needs and then delivers them.


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